Highest-level cycle security,
without compromising on style.

Recent years have seen an explosion in cycle use, arising from greater public awareness of health and environmental issues, combined with the impact of rapid fuel price rises. As a result, cycle theft has increased in line with this explosion, with valuable models and ebikes an attractive target for thieves.

Many organisations and local authorities that seek to provide safe and efficient cycle storage feel limited by the choice between vulnerable ground hoop fixings, or unsightly ‘cages’ that offer protection but are a blot on an otherwise attractive environment.

Dura Secure provides the best of both worlds:

  • Robust high-quality storage with full concealment of the cycle.
  • A stylish design and finish, in keeping with a modern environment.

Sold Secure Diamond Status

Dura Secure cycle lockers hold the coveted Sold Secure Diamond level certification – achieving their highest level of theft resistance. This acknowledges that the design is aimed at preventing the most destructive attacks from the use of specalist tools (a tool list & further information can be obtained from Sold Secure). Information of Sold Secure approved products is circulated to Crime Prevention Officers, Insurance Companies and the Home Office.

Made in Britain

Dura Secure cycle lockers are designed and made in the UK to demanding standards, using epoxy-coated weather resistant steel. These fully approved lockers have been designed with longevity in mind and provide a sturdy, secure addition to your location. That’s why all Dura Secure cycle lockers come with a 10-year warranty.

Dura Limited

Dura provides unique experience and expertise, having designed and manufactured high-quality modular steel workshop furniture for the automotive industry for over 25 years. Used by leading names such as Aston Martin, Porsche and Rolls Royce, Dura products are manufactured within stringent ISO procedures, to ensure consistently high-quality products.

ABUS Padlock

Diskus® 26 is an extremely robust padlock for securing trucks, vans, cellar doors and factory gates.


Maintenance kit

Tools to look after your cabinet

Touch up pen

RAL colour touch up pen

ABUS Padlock

Diskus® 26 is an extremely robust padlock for securing trucks, vans, cellar doors and factory gates.

Cleaning products

Salt free car cleaning shampoo

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